A Picture of Waves At The Beach By A Hotel

4 Essentials For A Perfect Summer Day

A Perfect Summer Day In Fairfield

Ah, summer. 10 weeks of sunshine (hopefully). But, like anything, all good things come to an end. Therefore, making the most of these short 10 weeks is essential. In Fairfield, CT, enjoying summer is made easy. The Circle Hotel’s prime location allows guests the opportunity to take a dip in the pool, a trip to the beach, the golf course, or an enjoyable walk into Fairfield’s lively town. 


The first step to a perfect summer day: the Circle’s refreshing pool open from 8am – 8pm. Have things to do and places to be during your stay at The Circle? No problem! The pool will be here waiting for you once you get back. Use our clean pool to relieve yourself from the hot summer sun or keep your kids occupied. 


The second tip for the best summer day: take a trip down to Jennings Beach. Ask our front desk about bike rentals and beach passes (only needed if parking a car at the beach and complimentary to our guests, based on availability) or enjoy the short 5-10 minute walk. Perfect for kids with a concession stand and lifeguards, Jennings Beach makes relaxing easy.


The third necessity: golf. The Carl Dickman Par 3 golf course is just a 10 minute drive from the hotel. A relaxing course for new golfers, young kids, or experienced golfers alike, this course provides an exciting activity for a summer day. Be sure to reserve a tee time for groups of 2 or more. 


The last step, and ending, to the ideal summer day: dinner and dessert in town. Walk down to Post Road and choose between Italian, American, Mexican, Japenese, and more. Our favorites include Joe’s American Bar & Grill, Brick + Wood, and b Fairfield for a good burger. To top it off, Fairfield’s Post Road is home to Milkcraft, Rolling Moo, and 16 Handles to satisfy your sweet tooth.