Economic Impact Award

President’s Economic Impact Award


Edward Gormbley

the Managing Partner of Workforce Partners, will be awarded the President’s Economic Impact Award on June 27th  by the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce for his work with The Circle Hotel Fairfield and Hotel Hi-Ho.


Prior to Edward Gormbley’s involvement, The Circle Hotel had fallen into disrepair due to years of neglect by its prior owner. Its mismanagement had led to a poor reputation and had created a burden on the surrounding community. However, the property’s ideal location in the heart of downtown Fairfield — with easy access to beaches, transportation, restaurants, and local universities — posed a tremendous opportunity. Immediately following its purchase, Mr. Gormbley invested heavily into the property with a full-scale renovation.


Hotel Hi-Ho underwent a similar process. Built in the 50’s to support business and personal travel on the recently completed Merritt Parkway, the hotel had also fallen from grace over the last few decades. The hotel was closed for an extended period of time, despite the fully operational and renowned Barcelona wine bar downstairs. His firm reopened the hotel in October of 2015, after completely gutting and renovating all 40 rooms, and fully restoring the lobby, lounge, and 360-degree patio.


Both properties have since become top rated hotels in the surrounding area and have significantly impacted their surrounding communities. Their success has directly created dozens of jobs as well as supported the larger tourism community of Fairfield.